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ACA Update and Discussion of Supreme Court Decision Webinar

Constructech Construction Phone Apps for your Phone or Tablet

How to communicate with Tact and Professionalism seminar

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Crane Accident in New York! Let this be a reminder to Challenge all crane operations at our sites.

Construction Safety Council Classes available

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Safety Committee Meeting

Lake County Partners has accelerated its business outreach!
In recent months, Lake County Partners has accelerated its business outreach to ensure that existing local businesses are positioned to grow and expand in Lake County. As a part of this effort, Lake County Partners has met with senior leadership at many local businesses and has learned... Click here for registration information

House passes transportation funding patch

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved HR 2353, the Highway Transportation Funding Act of 2015 in a 387-35 vote. The bill, introduced by Congressmen Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), Transportation and Infrastructure ... Full article

Bill would support Highway Trust Fund by adjusting Obamacare Medicaid match rates
A bill filed by Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-Arkansas), would apply an estimated $15 billion each year to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) by adjusting the percentage of Medicaid match funds required ... Click here for full article

MARBA Matters Industry News
On May 19, 2015 FCAI, sponsored a Right to Work and Prevailing Wage Seminar. This seminar held at the Westin Hotel in Lombard was attended by approximately 100 people. A majority of the attendees were from the Union side of the table although management, as well as public sector representatives, were present. Click here for full article

LCCA/ICIC Government Affairs Update
Sunday is the final scheduled day of the Spring legislative session. At this point, the key components of governor's "turn-around" agenda (work comp reform, prevailing wage reform, etc.) have all been defeated in the House or Senate. It appears that the General Assembly will pass a deficit budget (they are probably close to $4 billion in the red, although they are claiming less than that) and adjourn by Sunday, leaving the entire mess in the governor's lap. It's possible the governor will not try to fix it, and veto it in its entirety and call them back into session at some point to work on a balanced budget. Ideally, that would happen before the new fiscal year begins July 1.

The other issue that will come to a head over the next month is the new union contract for state employees. There is a bill in the works that would require the governor and AFSCME to enter into binding arbitration if the contract is not settled. It will be interesting to see what he does with that legislation when it lands on his desk. The bottom line is that a whole bunch of state employees are starting to get very nervous about whether they're going to have paychecks on July 15.

The General Assembly will almost certainly be back at some point to work on a budget and, if cooler heads prevail, perhaps negotiations over other issues will get back on track. Regardless, the governor certainly understands the realities of working with the General Assembly and I anticipate that he will focus increasingly on those initiatives that he can accomplish without the General Assembly's approval. To that end, we continue to offer recommendations that we believe would help the governor accomplish part of his agenda, including:

  • Overtime provisions should parallel federal law (Davis-Bacon provisions, i.e.: Overtime after 40 hours in each work week -- even if working 10 or more hour shifts per day).

  • Similarly, work start times are frequently dictated by the owner and based on community needs, traffic or other demands. The prevailing wage should apply across the board, regardless of start times required for a specific project.

  • Require IDOL to survey by county and job classification annually. Include both public and private work in the survey.

  • Eliminate "no work" job classifications that add cost and contribute nothing to the value of a project.

In addition, we continue to be in regular contact with the governor's office and the state construction agencies about opportunities for improving processes moving forward. While the current stalemate is unfortunate, the bright spot is that for the first time in many years, we have open lines of communication with the administration, professional staff members to work with, and a willingness to address the interests of the business community.

Kim Robinson & Bill Vignocchi

LiUna Annual Instructor Conference was held in Rosemont on June, 4th
1st Vice President of the LCCA, Bill Vignocchi with John Keno & Company attended to show support to the graduates. 6 of the 46 graduates throughout all of North America that received instructor certifications were through the Labors Apprentice Fund that our contractors support here locally.

Jodi Golden has been appointed Executive Director of the Capital Development Board.
She has been serving in the Chief of Staff role since March. I have been very encouraged by her eagerness to tackle issues and work with the industry so I believe this is a great development. Jim Reilly who was formerly head of the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority and a Chief of Staff to Governor Edgar is now Chairman of the CDB board – another positive move.

Labor Relations Reception Photos

To view the rest of the pictures from last years golf outing click here