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What’s Wrong With Illinois Work Comp?

Mapping engine for construction. Finding the dimension of a room is now as easy as finding your neighborhood Starbucks.

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Workforce Shortage In Illinois?
Are the Rumors of a Construction Worker Shortage True?

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Frank Abagnale’s from the movie
“Catch me if you can!”
Top 10 tips to help prevent Identity Theft
As you can probably imagine, there are a multitude of ways to help prevent identity theft. However, Frank Abagnale has a “Top 10” list – ten rules he feels can best help you protect yourself, your credit, and your good name from identity thieves. It’s important to remember that all of the tips must be used consistently. For instance, it doesn’t help to shred some personal documents and not others. Nor does it make sense to create strong passwords for some accounts and not for others. Staying consistent in the fight against criminals will make it increasingly difficult for them to steal your personal information and turn you into a victim. So, let’s start with Number One…

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Industry’s Transition Toward Project-Based Collaboration Solutions.
What advice might you offer to construction companies that may be trying to wade through this new trend? I think you have to be really clear on the problems you are trying to solve and your processes, and make sure that your vendor selection process takes that into account. It’s also important that the software selection process the construction companies use to evaluate technology seeks out a broad range of advice from organizations like Aconex and others in the industry who have worked on multiple projects in different regions and different project types. There is a wealth of intelligence out there in the community. For open-minded construction firms that are willing to partake in the discussion, a lot can be learned.

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EasilyDo Helpful Ap and its free!
Once you link all your email accounts, social media, etc… EasilyDo integrates it all on their platform so that you can view the highlights in one place…it will add all your contacts to your phone and combine/delete the duplicates…

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ROUTE 53 Extension
Approval Rate at an all time high!!!
As you may know, the Illinois Tollway is considering a 12-mile extension of Route 53 further north. We’d like to know whether you Generally APPROVE, or DISAPPROVE of extending Route 53 in Lake County.

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From The Desk Of the Executive Vice President
As the Executive Vice President of the association I have had the privilege over the past three years of witnessing some of the most extraordinary “Change” this industry has ever seen. Going from record highs to record lows in the bat of an eye. Watching titans in the industry fall while a select few hold on tight, weather the storm and are now picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and getting back to work. I just attended a brilliant presentation about the next generation workforce put on by Mark Breslin, an author and professional speaker with a background in construction going back three generations in his family. I invite you to read a summary of what I took form this incredible presentation.
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Substantial Increase in OSHA Penalties
Employers beware! The new bipartisan budget, passed by both the House and the Senate and signed by President Obama on November 2, 2015, contains provisions that will raise OSHA penalties for the first time in 25 years.
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October Membership Meeting At Pinstripes

Napa Meeting

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